ようこそ and welcome to Nihongo Hub! As some of you would know, 日本語 (nihongo) is what the Japanese people call their language. This website has been developed to be your ultimate site for resources for both students and teachers of the Japanese language. We here at Nihongo Hub will be gathering, reviewing and posting about a wide range of learning resources that we hope you will find useful in your quest to master Japanese. We will cover a huge range of resources, ranging from the traditional, but always well loved, textbook to more modern learning resources such as podcasts and apps. All learners of Japanese from the beginner right up to the seasoned veteran will find something useful here as we look at resources aimed at casual learners, high school and university students, Japanese Language Proficiency Test examinees, and of course senseis themselves. We love hearing from our readers, whether it be their thoughts on a great (or not so great) resource they use, tips and techniques they have for learning Japanese, or in fact just anything Japan or Japanese related! みんなさん、頑張りましょう! (Minna san, ganbarimashou! Let’s do our best!)


One Response to “About”

  1. Hải Bùi Hoàng January 5, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

    ありがとございます! I want to recommend a friendly Japanese dictionary at http://www.romajidesu.com/. I think your reviews on the site will help the Japanese learners to choose a good dictionary to learn.

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